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Video: Bunkhouse Accommodations & Boat Tours

The Raleigh Historical Corporation Inc. (a non-profit organization) offers the recreation of a 1940's historic fishing village, located in the scenic town of Raleigh.

Raleigh Historic Village

Visitors can enjoy rustic bunkhouse accommodations and unforgettable boat tours. A voyage back in time, surrounded by rugged ocean scenery & Burnt Cape.

Bunkhouse beds

Spend a few days living the quiet and simple life of the Raleigh fishermen during the booming years of the legendary Newfoundland Fishery (circa 1940's - 1950's).

Bunkhouse Accommodations

Live in a rustic fisherman bunkhouse, heated by wood stove - during the days before electricity and modern distractions. Only the sounds of waves and seagulls.

Boat Tour - Big Oven Cave

Incredible boat tours take you along the rugged coast line towards a picnic lunch within the huge Big Oven Cave. See how the massive cod traps are set and learn how to jig for codfish. Learn about traditional meals.

Old Cookhouse Group  Dinner

Truly, a bonding adventure for couples, families & large groups - a vacation you will remember for many years to come. Book early to ensure space availability.

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